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The problem with having a lawn, especially one with flowers and various shrubs, is infestation of insects and wildlife. Both bugs and small animals, like rabbits, groundhogs and squirrels, love to eat growing vegetables and even some shrubs. Once they are attracted to your yard, they are difficult to humanely get rid of.

Those with problem pests and animals should consider investing in artificial turf as a lawn alternative. It could resolve a host of problems with unwanted guests in your yard. There are several ways artificial turf reduces these pests in your yard.

Artificial Grass Reduces Pollen

The blades of artificial turf are made of nylon and polyurethane, so they don’t pollinate. Bugs typically look for pollinating flowers and plants to settle. Natural grass is one of the largest pollinators. Without pollinating grass, insects will be less attracted to your yard. Less pollination will help reduce allergies for both your family and pests too.

Artificial Grass Reduces Food Sources

This is a major breakthrough in eliminating pests from your yard. The blades of artificial turf are not eatable, so wildlife will soon find they will not benefit from coming into your yard. The backing of synthetic grass is a quality, durable mesh that covers dirt. That not only prevents weeds from poking through, but also puts a barrier between insect and food.

Most insects use dirt to breed and eat. It is their food source. Installing a barrier eliminates that source and motivates bugs to move on. It also prevents digging, from either your dog, or pests like gophers and rabbits. So, wildlife will not be able to build nests in your yard either.

Artificial Grass Is Unattractive to Pests

Artificial turf looks like real grass and stays gorgeous forever, but it doesn’t have the scent of natural grass. Most animals use scent to determine where to build a habitat and are not attracted to lawns with no scent.

Not only does artificial turf not have a scent, it also prevents scents from your pets remaining. Artificial turf has a drainage system and all you must do to clean up after your pet is clean up any fecal matter and spray with a hose. Certain infills have scent control so no pet scent remains. Not only does that make for a pleasant yard for you, but a lack of an animal scent means other animals will not try to claim that territory. Learn more about artificial turf infills.

No Water Pooling

Artificial turf drains off water incredibly well, even if there is a heavy thunderstorm. The drainage allows you to use your yard right after heavy downpours. An advantage of this is that there will not be any water pooling in your yard. This prevents mosquitoes, which can carry a variety of diseases, from breeding on your property. A lack of pooling also is a deterrent to other wildlife because animals typically look for water sources to settle into a habitat. It will eliminate muddy areas also.

Other Benefits

Artificial turf has other benefits that you will love. It is low maintenance and will save you money over the course of 10 years. You will no longer have lawnmower repairs, pesticides to buy or irrigation systems to worry about. You will no longer need to buy animal traps, refill holes dug by wildlife or replace all the plants they destroy.

There will be no more flea and tick medicine to buy for your dog either because those insects will also be eliminated.

You may find installing artificial grass may be the best-and easiest – thing you can do to eliminate pests from your yard.
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