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Benefits of Artificial Grass

“You Can’t Get Any Greener!” – EasyTurf

synthetic turf benefitsSynthetic Turf Is Environmentally – Friendly and Promotes Water Conservation!

A synthetic lawn by EasyTurf of Nevada requires no water, no fertilizers or pesticides, and very little maintenance.

Because these installations are no longer natural grass, they will also keep un-calculable tons of fertilizers and pesticides from being applied and possibly ending up as run off into our rivers or adding to nitrate levels in ground water.

EasyTurf of Nevada provides the Green Solution for thousands of customers in Nevada.

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EasyTurf of Nevada provides professional synthetic turf for many applications. It allows you to conserve water and save money, while creating a beautiful yard or putting green at your home or office.

Since outdoor landscaping accounts for up to 80% of your total water usage, you can dramatically make a difference by utilizing our EasyTurf synthetic grass or putting green.

Most of us are unaware of the high price we pay for natural grass in not only monetary but also environmental costs.

facts about artificial grassEasyTurf of Nevada has the solution for both!

  • Natural grass impacts the environment in many harmful ways:
  • Depletes our fresh water resources. Which we need to conserve now more than ever!
  • The use of pesticides and fertilizers that can end up in the oceans and lakes or increase ground water nitrate levels.
  • Mowing grass uses gas, emits carbon waste, consumes valuable time, causes noise, and produces grass clippings that are required to be hauled by trucks to dumps.


  • An average lawn uses approximately 41,690 gallons per year
  • 70% of your water bill is for your lawns
  • Gas powered lawn movers can pollute as much in an hour as 10 cars
  • Ground water nitrate levels rise due to fertilizing
  • Gas emissions and yard clippings are one of the largest landfill contributions to the greenhouse effect

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